Aromatherapy Benefits - Wild Rosemary grows in the desert



Plant - Aromatherapy Benefits - Wild Rosemary grows in the desert


        Rosemary is a magical herb and grows all throughout the Coachella Valley and the high desert of Joshua Tree and Landers. Just before a Sound Bath at Integratron it's mezmerizing to grab a handfull of Rosemary from the desert and warm it through the palms of your hands for an instant stress reliving inhale. Rub some on your clothing for a natural perfume, the scent does more than just relax, it's a wonder herb and used for warding off insects and colds as well as helping keep memory sharp.

        The next time you're in the desert…even in town, spot some Rosemary and rub it between your hands - your friends will either think you're nuts or super hip with herbalism. Bliss Chakra Spa uses Rosemary in the Heaven & Earth Raindrop Therapy Massage and the aromatherapy benefits are amazing! Don't just grab your herb basket and throw any old wil Rosemary in your pot roast just yet, some wild Rosemary is for culinary use and all is for aromatherapy. The difference is the stiffness of the leaf, the stiff leaf is for aromatherapy and the tender leaf is to eat. Enjoy the essences of our desert and it's majestic benefits.

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