Gemstones & Crystals Spa Massages and Facials in Palm Desert, California

People love stones, the feel, the vibrations, the colors, the textures of earth's minerals. If the meditative encounters I and thousands of other have experienced mean what they appear to mean, then the feeling is mutual. 

The lore of the spiritual qualities of crystals, gems and minerals goes back far beyond written history. Beautiful Moldavite amulets were discovered by archeologists while unearthing the 25,000 year old Venus of Willendorf - the oldest Goddess statue. Over 15 centuries ago Hindus believed diamonds provided protection from evil spirits, fire, poison, snakes and illness. The Emerald was viewed as a symbol of fertility in ancient Rome and associated with the Goddess Venus. Chrisitian legend tell of Emeralds as the stone of resurrection. The Christian Mystic Hildegard of Bingen wroten an entire text on gemstones cures for all sorts of various illnesses. To nourish the roots of the ancient traditions Bliss Chakra Spa addresses the desert community and spiritually oriented gemstone lovers with the same type of love you encounter with a special stone in solitaire and meditation and we do it during a massage or a facial. We all love a good crystal shop with trinkets and oh the feeling of stepping into this lovely vortex with enough gemstone energy to lift the spirits. One of my favorite in the Coachella Valley is Crystal Fantasy in Palm Springs - on the West end of the low desert - the magical feelings of bringing that one beautiful stone home to place on the alter never gets old. 

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To bring these healing stones to the middle and East Coachella Valley, Bliss Chakra Spa's talented therapists implement stones into treatments such as Rose Quartz Facial, Heaven & Earth Chakra Facial, Heaven & Earth Chakra Raindrop Massage, Reiki Master Session and the most powerful stone Clear Quartz make a cameo in Sound Healings. Bliss Chakra Spa carries one-of-a-kind jewelry crafted by local artists out of stones and crystals - and each piece is absoloutly beautiful! Pick up some crystals and stones for your alter while your in for some relaxation. 

Power Gem Stone Products:

Epicuren Luna Mystica - exquisite oils with a gem stone crystal in each bottle. A healthy alternative to perfume, this fine body oil is hand-crafted to nourish devitalized skin and spirit. Explore new desires and awaken sensuality with passion and awareness. 


Epicuren Sacred Indigo - A healthy alternative to perfume, this fine body oil is hand-crafted and bottled with a gem stone crystal inside each bottle to nourish devitalized skin and spirit. Empower your inner goddess with fierce confidence, wisdom, and resilience. 


Amour Universal - Infused gem stone oils are a healthy alternative to perfume, this fine body oil is hand-crafted to nourish devitalized skin and spirit. Incite unconditional love, joy, and light without limitation.


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