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Mother’s Day is May 14th - Make your Desert Wildflower Spa reservations now!

Mother’s Day is May 14th - Make your Desert Wildflower Spa reservations now!



Bliss Chakra Spa will have a special surprise for moms on mother’s day

Reserve Now!

Bliss Chakra Spa is the perfect place to treat Mom to an extra special Mother’s Day. In addition to delicious spa treatments, organic nail services and blissful packages, we offer gift cards at the spa or buy them online and we will mail them off within 24 hours.

Best of all, our Spa Packages are calorie-free, our gift certificates never expire, and neither will clutter up the closet. 



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What are hydrosols and how awesome are they?

What are hydrosols and how awesome are they?



Hydrosols, or "flower 🌸 waters," are produced by distilling fresh flowers, leaves, fruits, roots, and other plant materials. Yielding a cocktail of highly concentrated vitamins for the skin and similar therapeutic properties to essential oils, these aromatic elixirs have significant beneficial properties to the skin from anti-inflammatory to holding moisture and cell regeneration.

Their aromas are often soft, fresh, and subtle when compared to their essential oil counterpart. These aromatic products usually have a scent similar to their essential oil, but also can have a greener, brighter note. This comes from the water soluble constituents in the plant material that are not present in the essential oil.

Bliss Chakra Spa offers a full line of Certified Organic Hydrosol Elixers that are crafted, with ♥️ and devotion to the plant and extraction process, by our artisan distillers who specialize in water and oil extraction of pure botanical ingredients.


Distilled by the same botanists and farmers who grew the fresh botanicals with your intention in mind.









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The new El Paseo, Palm Desert location is now open!

New spa menu includes many new luxurious services including BODY DELI organic facials, massages.

Organic chemical-free manicures, pedicures and foot bath rituals in copper foot baths, which will be available starting 

March 21st, 2017

Call to book your appointments now!



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El Paseo Fashion Week 2017

El Paseo Fashion Week 2017

It's that time of year again when desert locals can strut the fashion scene and mingle with the worlds most renowned designers and socialites in the industry. El Paseo has never been more colorful, anything goes and we love it!

Has your week of travel or work been not-so-glamorous? No problem!

Come in and get your skin runway ready with a brightening ROSE QUARTZ - GLOW facial using Coachella Valley made BODY DELI organic skin care and a MINT ESPRESSO BODY POLISH to leave your skin polished and perky!

With glowing skin all you need is a great mascara, a dallop of lipstick and a drop of Epicuren's Esquisite Aromatherapy oil at Bliss Chakra Spa to be Pret a Porter ready.

Glow on El Paseo Fashion Week!

Book your Bliss Chakra Spa appointment here>>>

Buy your tickets or check the El Paseo Fashion Week calendar guide here >>>

"Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together."

—Elizabeth Taylor

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The Body Deli El Paseo - Facials & Massages Bliss Chakra Spa

The Body Deli El Paseo - Facials & Massages Bliss Chakra Spa

The Body Deli El Paseo is one of the skin care lines used in facials at Bliss Chakra Spa on El Paseo in Palm Desert. The ingredients are all organic, have very high vitamin contents and smell absolutely amazing! The estheticians are some of the most highly skilled in the desert and has become one of the deserts most prized spas, otherwise known as a “gem” in the Coachella Valley. Visit the website to view the spa menu and pricing. Spa treatments seen nowhere else and as unique as the staff. Love it!

Book Online with us:

Book by Phone: (760) 773-3521

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LOTUS - Hot Lava Shell Massage warms and melts muscle tension

LOTUS - Hot Lava Shell Massage warms and melts muscle tension


As the rain and chilly weather washes over the Coachella Valley this winter and the mountains that surround us are covered in snow, Bliss Chakra Spa is the perfect place to warm up. Heat therapy opens the muscles and relaxes the joints, which helps the therapist work the muscle tissue more easily. Bliss Chakra Spa's LOTUS massage is a Hot Lava Shell full body massage on a heated massage table that includes soft warm pockets of liquid lava massage therapists use to glide over the body, instantly releasing built up muscle tension and giving into a deeper muscle relaxation. 

Several other spas like the Hyatt Grand Champion, Ritz Carlton and Miramonte offer a hot stone massage as a staple spa menu item, which is very similar to the Hot Lava Shell massage but the temperature is more controlled and the shells are soft to the touch which helps the therapist glide more easily over the body's many curvatures and angles. 

The best way to finish a great massage is with hot organic Green Tea or organic citrus infused water - which will be served daily at the new El Paseo spa location opening the end of February 2017.

Namaste and keep warm this winter!


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Organic Manicure & Pedicure Spa Services at Bliss Chakra Spa-Book for March 21st!

Organic Manicure & Pedicure Spa Services at Bliss Chakra Spa-Book for March 21st!

Did you know that nail polish some nasty chemicals that can be absorbed into your body? Everybody knows there are dangerous-sounding chemicals in nail polish, but many of us figure that limited contact with wet polish is too nominal to cause a risk. After all, we’re not drinking it right!?

 But new research may chip away at your worry-free tradition of weekly mani-pedis: A study led by the renowned Duke University as well as Public Health Advocacy Org. - Environmental Working Group urges that we absorb at least one potentially hormone-disrupting chemical every time we get a polish. While the impact of this chemical on our health is still unclear, the fact that our body can absorb chemicals through the cuticles and nail bed is cause for concern yet mothers-to-be, Thyroid patients, Cancer patients and children still routinely pay for these toxins. Researchers have found these chemicals in the majority of participants in studies on pregnant women and international samples of breast milk. 

Bliss Chakra Spa uses Organic Nail Polishes that are free of TPHP and contain no toluene, formaldehyde or DBP and are safe for pregnant women, kids, cancer patients and allergy sufferers. Chip resistant, durable, and with no harsh odors, they are available in glossy and matte shades. The non-yellowing formula is cruelty-free (not tested on animals). Nail polish removers are made from organic Soy with essential oils of lavender and do not contain the chemicals below. Packaging is green - 100% recyclable.

Our foot baths are made of 100% copper Ayurvedic pedicure bowls. Not only is this metal anti-bacterial, meaning bacteria and several viruses can not live, but they have profound Ayurvedic health benefits on the body. Health benefits of copper are well known. Soaking feet in a Copper bowl can help to achieve a healthier immune system as well as help with joint pain from conditions like arthritis.

Positive and negative magnetic fields created by copper help energy flow through the body. Ionized copper was used by ancient Egypt to purify water.

In addition the body absorbs small amounts of copper into the blood stream. In the blood stream, copper binds together with enzymes. These enzymes are used to aid in the creation of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is necessary for the body to repair and heal itself. Copper is a vital part of the body’s healthy immune system.

Polishes are free of TPHP, toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalate), camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, and parabens. Our Polish Removers are soy-based, non-toxic and organic.

We are the only organic nail salon in the Coachella Valley and cater to those who are looking for a holistic and chemical free experience. Each manicure and pedicure treatment on the menu is an experience in it's own - try them all starting March 21st!

Organic Herbs . Coachella Valley Grown Organic Citrus

Organic Essential Oils . Ayurvedic Oils . Copper . Organic Lavender

Soy . Organic Rose Buds . Organic Tea Soaks . Healing Gem Stones

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Morning Guided Meditation

Morning Guided Meditation

Daily meditation can enrich your life in so many ways. There are 76 proven scientific benefits of daily meditation. Find you space and enjoy this 25 minute guided meditation and experience the benefits of meditation:


Increases the feelings of well-being

  • Lessens worry, anxiety, impulsiveness, stress, fear, lonliness and depression

  • Inhances self-esteem and self-acceptance

  • Improves optimism, relaxation, awareness, mood and emotional intelligence

  • Helps to promote positive social connections

  • Helps to prevent emotional eating and smoking habits

The Super Mind

  • Increases memory retention and recall, mental strength and focus

  • Better cognitive skills and creative thinking

  • Better information processing, problem solving and decision making

  • Helps ignore distractions and manage ADHD

A Healthier Body

  • Improves immune system, energy levels, heart rate and breathing

  • Reduces blood pressure

  • Increases longitivity

  • Lessens heart and brain problems, inflammatory disorders and asthma

  • Reduces premenstral and menopausal syndrome

  • Helps prevent arthritis, fibromyalgia and HIV


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Gratitude: A recipe for Manifesting Intention

Gratitude: A recipe for Manifesting Intention



As Tumeric and Mango are super-foods, gratitude could be considerd as the super-emotion. It not only increases happiness by 10% but it also reduces depressive symptoms by 35%. Showing gratitude is the simplest, most powerful things humans can do for eachother. 


"If the only prayer you say is thank you, that would be enough". - Eckhart

The Gratitude & Happiness Link:

Putting Eckhart's advice to action, the first step in sharing gratitude is as simple as saying "Thank You". My practice of giving thanks starts with family, they have always believed in me and given me the freedom to be the best me I can be. Even sharing this sentiment feels so happy!

Upon waking, it's customary for Native Americans to say "thank you for this day", no matter what kind of day it is, "thank you for this life", no matter what kind of life it is, and "thank you for this water, because without it I would not have life". According to a 2005 article in American Psychologist publication, "A one-time act of thoughtful gratitude produces an immediate 10% increase in happiness and 35% reduction in depressive symptoms. Not only are the positive effects of gratitude immediate but according to the research they are long lasting.

Gratitude is a Relationship Strengthener:

The act of sharing creates closer relationships. At home, work, with friends, family, neighbors, pets, significant others, we maintain relationships and above all else with a spiritual or higher being. One study from Kubacka dated June 2011, found that "gratitude motivates partners to engage in relationship maintenence". Next time you see a good friend, make an effort to give thanks for your frienship. This act is so easily overlooked and will strenthen the bond between you.

Wellness Increases with Gratitude:

Research at the HESA is focused on innovative products, pathways and techniques that transform human health, energy, nutrition and longevity. HESA research confirms that gratitude is necessary for optimum health. Patients recovering from heart related illnesses who expressed gratitude for their care on a regular basis experienced significantly shorter recovery times.

Gratitude Encourages Pro-Social Behavior:

Demonstrating gratitude daily - whether in a work situation, in an email to a client or stranger at the market, you are consciously promoting pro-social behavior: voluntary acts intended to benefit another. In doing so, you are bringing yourself more joy and radiating happiness into the world. Write a "Thank You" note and see how uplifting it feels! When we give love and share our love with all, we feel elevated. Love is everything, it's everywhere and it's the universal language.

The next step towards the final stage of setting intention is to practice the presence. Be present in the moment, be present in your life. Slow down, notice nature, a dragonfly, an act of gratitude. Upon waking, give thanks! Feel it, experience it now, you are alive!

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Our Desert's Succulent Jewels

Our Desert's Succulent Jewels

It's summer in the Coachella Valley desert, where not much plant life can survive this time of year, resides an oasis with a thriving succulent cactus, the amazing jewel of the desert, the Aloe Vera plant!

Through extreme hot dry climates, the Aloe Vera perseveres, adapts to its environment and develops self-sustaining characteristics. It's one of the most nutrient-rich plants, encompassing more than 200 phytonutrients including minerals, vitamins, enzymes, polysaccharides, glycosides and amino acids. Aloe Vera has such profound healing and beautifying features that it's no surprise that the ancient Egyptians named it "plant of immortality" and the Native American Indians as the "wand of heaven". 

Aloe has been used for centuries for it's medicinal qualities and healing. Like any plant that grows in an extreme climate, aloe is in a constant state of survival. This forces the plant to develop survival mechanisms and self-repairing traits which produce the excessive amount of immunity boosting bio-actives. Try cutting the leaf of an aloe plant, notice it seals itself and pulls all of it's resources inward so the leaf continues to grow and regenerate from the root.

Similarly, the Aloe plant has amazing skin benefits when applied topically and also has profound wellness ability to nourish the body from the inside out when digested internally. The plant's rich composition of live phytonutrients allows aloe to play many skin restoring tasks.

Soothes Sunburns:

A sunburn is ultimately just inflamed skin, which in extreme cases can be diagnosed as a wound. The high antioxidant concentration in Aloe Vera scavenges environmentally caused free radicals, which blocks further damage and encourages tissue repair - just as the plant heals itself. Make sure when selecting an Aloe Vera that you either use the whole plant by picking it yourself or using a pure alternative like Epicuren's Aloe Vera Gel. Aloe gel is available in every summer vacation destination where sunburns are common, but most contain added chemicals, stabilization additives, color and fragrance (things you don't want in your body and certainly not when you're healing).

Reduces Skin Inflammations:

Aloe plant contains magnesium and salicylic acid, the combination creates analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. You may see salicylic acid in your acne products due to it's acne fighting benefits, acne is essentially inflamed pores. Aloe contains 8 types of enzymes including Bradykinase which is an enzyme that initiates blood vessel dilation. The dilation process lessens any skin or tissue inflammation. 

Heals Wounds or Burns:

The pure contents of an aloe leaf is rich in glucomannan, which promotes cell regeneration and collagen production. When applied topically it dries on the skin like a shrink wrapped layer of skin, insulating and sealing off the area. Under the insulated cover the aloe contracts, as well as the surrounding area. (This tight seal of the aloe plant can be a little uncomfortable when applied all over sunburned skin so Epicuren has added a little moisture to their pure aloe to prevent the tightness). In this case the tight seal is good!  The leaf of the aloe plant protects the wound from outside bacteria and can decrease it in size. It can then stimulate blood flow and accelerate healing. This allows cells to proliferate, and cure the wound.

Lessens Stretch Marks:

In addition to boosting collagen production, aloe also alters the existent collagen figure configuration. I repairs the cellular matrix, resulting in stronger collagen fiber interlinking. The stronger collagen bonds assist in breaking hold of cells surrounding the stretch mark, which is a type of a scar tissue. The area is then advanced to a state of repair allowing for the tissue to lessen and heal. 


The inner leaf of aloe is made of 99% water, which is an amazing amount of topical hydration if applying the raw inner gel directly onto the skin. However, it is not critical to have the leafs raw gel to get the same effect, well-formulated skincare like Epicuren Aloe Gel will give the same hydrating results with the ease of a pump application. The action of amino acids allow aloe to effectively soften hardened cells. It's rich in mucopolysaccharides, also known as glycosaminoglycans. This is the same naturally occurring substance in the periphery of the skin, but it's production significantly decreases with age. Mucopolysaccharides functions the humectant working to constantly attract moisture and bind the moisture into the skin, plumping and supporting every function of the skin cell. 


We couldn't leave out acne! There are different types and severities of acne, but the common culprit among all acne is bacteria. Bacteria feeds on your skin's natural sebum so for oily skin types this can be a never-ending fight! Aloe contains phenols, which when bacteria is in contact with a phenol compound, become immobile. When bacteria can't move about, it becomes inactive and can no longer spread or provoke inflammation. The powerful bacteria, fungus and virus inhibiting abilities of aloe is awesome! The antiseptic agents in the aloe plant are due to the action of it's phenols, salicylic acids, lapels, cinnamic acids, urea nitrogen and sulfurs. You've probably heard of salicylic acids and sulfurs if you are keen to ingredients in several skincare and masks on the market for acne. Guess what!? This is the pure form.

Scalp Soother:

Aloe is packed with vitamins and nutrients that are calming, soothing and moisturizing to the scalp. It works as and anti-irritant and conditioner, especially for itchy scalp associated with eczema and psoriasis. The Lignin in aloe penetrate deeply, even through the thickest areas. This enhances the efficacy of the enzymes, allowing the break down of hardened keratin and relieves scalp itch and discomfort. Aloe is many times added to cheap shampoos and conditioners to counteract the harsh chemicals such as Sodium Laurel Sulfate, that can cause toxic and drying reactions to the skin. Read your labels and de-tox, not re-tox!

No wonder the Egyptians and Native American Indians coveted this succulent plant of wellness in the desert. There are no contraindications of this amazing leaf, with the exception of an aloe allergy, it's a plant for all skin types, whether it's dry, oily, sunburned, wounded, inflamed, or any skin sensitivity, aloe is a fast and amazing topical remedy to have in your first-aid "holistic remedy box".


Just so we don't miss the internal qualities of this plant…try this amazing digestive elixir. Aloe Vera Margarita from the talented and beautiful Lauren at Wicked Spatula  next time you are in hot desert bliss!


Serves 1


2.5 ounces Aloe Vera Juice
2 ounces 100% Agave Tequila
1.5 ounces lime Juice
1 tablespoon honey syrup**

Visit Website for complete recipe >>>


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