LOTUS - Hot Lava Shell Massage warms and melts muscle tension


As the rain and chilly weather washes over the Coachella Valley this winter and the mountains that surround us are covered in snow, Bliss Chakra Spa is the perfect place to warm up. Heat therapy opens the muscles and relaxes the joints, which helps the therapist work the muscle tissue more easily. Bliss Chakra Spa's LOTUS massage is a Hot Lava Shell full body massage on a heated massage table that includes soft warm pockets of liquid lava massage therapists use to glide over the body, instantly releasing built up muscle tension and giving into a deeper muscle relaxation. 

Several other spas like the Hyatt Grand Champion, Ritz Carlton and Miramonte offer a hot stone massage as a staple spa menu item, which is very similar to the Hot Lava Shell massage but the temperature is more controlled and the shells are soft to the touch which helps the therapist glide more easily over the body's many curvatures and angles. 

The best way to finish a great massage is with hot organic Green Tea or organic citrus infused water - which will be served daily at the new El Paseo spa location opening the end of February 2017.

Namaste and keep warm this winter!


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