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Passionate commitment to serendipity of reading discoveries, i'm delighted not only in the books themselves but the randomly meaningful nature of how I stumbled upon them or came to search a copy out. Each book was meant to fall into my hands and I’ve long been drawn to the peculiar evangelism of certain pass-a-long readers: You must read this, they say, scribbling the name on a scratch of paper or thrusting a book into your hands with a beatific gleam in their eyes...

BOOK: The Power of I am (click to buy your copy)

SUBJECT: The Power of I AM teaches about Chakras and Physiology combined, this is a rare and wonderful works of knowledge by Palm Springs Resident and Medium author Geoffrey Jowett whom delights in combining not only Chakra knowledge but also the ways we can heal out Chakras through Music, Nauture, Meditations, Yoga and includes some special art work for those right brained individuals. 

AUTHOR: Geoffrey Jouett

WHY WE LOVE IT: If you are knowledgable in the fact you have Chakra Energy Points and the general locations of them, this is the next step to understanding the way the Chakras relate to you and is combined with the physical spects which is very important. The book is not an advanced energy working book so you're not going to get lost in it or overwhelmed. It's a great guide for changing your life one step at a time.

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