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The Sanskrit term Ayurveda meaning “knowledge of life.” is an ancient Indian science dating back over 5000 years which aims at preventing and healing disease or imbalances within the body. The journey toward living in harmony is the journey we all take and the Ayurvedic Practitioner is the guide along the way. Ayurveda promotes the balance of three elemental energies, called “doshas.” Doshas are important because when they exist in equal quantities, the body will be healthy. Ayurvedic Practitioners are trained to find where these imbalances exist and recommend treatments to bring balance back to the doshas and harmony to the body.


Humans have 30,000 genes and a 3 billion-letter DNA code. The power of genomic testing lies in the potential to pinpoint which diseases/issues could be forestalled by specific lifestyle changes. Telomeres are the only malleable part of DNA, which some studies are showing can be repaired by stress-reduction, exercise, sleep, healthy food, and meditation. Bliss Chakra Spa offers a wide variety of spa services that can help you reduce stress and live healthier from the inside out.