Tibetan bowl sound healing has been used for centuries by the Tibetan monks as a form to reach the subconscious and bring to surface the power to heal from our own life energy source. Releasing into a deep transcendental meditation while balancing Chakras, Sound Healing is an effective and proven modality using vibrational sound that is effective not only through hearing but by connecting with your body’s unconscious natural rhythmic energy and vibrations to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep and resonating sense of peace, well-being, wholeness and better health.

Your guided experience will be performed by a Certified Sound Healing Therapist using sound to diagnose the Chakra energy system, sacred geometry, and energy to create your personalized sound session of self healing.



Billy Cordell

Co-Owner & Certified Sound Healer

"Trained in Tibetan sound healing, I will be using these vessels to put you into deep relaxation. The techniques of moving energy in a grounding direction will guide you on a journey of sound and vibrational expansion. I look forward to bringing this powerful and beautiful modality to you all."