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Sound Healing – 30 minutes

Shirodhara – 30 minutes


“Tibetan bowl sound healing has been used for centuries by the Tibetan monks as a form to reach the subconscious and bring to surface the power to heal from our own life energy source.”

Sound Healing is an effective and proven modality using vibrational sound to massage every cell in your body. Effective not only through hearing but by tapping into the body’s unconscious natural rhythmic energy and vibrations. It helps reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep and resonating sense of peace and well-being. Performed on a massage table by placing bowls on the body’s energy centers, around the head and feet.


Translated from Sanskrit, Shiro means “head” and Dhara means “stream.”

A constant and methodical stream of warm herbal infused organic Ayurvedic oils onto “Ajna Chakra” or “3rd Eye”. Constant flow synchronizes brain waves to reach an Alpha meditation state, which profoundly relaxes the nervous system and coordinates the mind, body, and spirit. Proven to help with headaches, insomnia, nervousness, mood swings, and fatigue and improves the function of your five senses when practiced regularly. Relax, let the warm oils anoint your soul, and let the world wash over you.

Performed lying face up, customized oils will run over the scalp and hair. It’s not unheard of that you’ll remain in a blissful state for days after your treatment.

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