Raindrop Therapy is a pretty name, but the results are astounding!


  • Neurological (stress, anxiety and emotional)

  • Immunity (detoxifies the fluid lymphatic system)

  • Digestive (helps with digestive issues)

  • Inflammatory (inflammation is the top reason for aging and disease) 


Each is an ancient indian ritual for freeing your spirit, using the highest quality medicinal-grade essential oils.



Raindrop is not just a massage, it's so much more... Although there is massage involved, the true therapy comes as the body is saturated with medicinal essential oils. This treatment is highly therapeutic for it's aroma benefits and is also benefitial for sore muscles. After working with Myo-fasial release for several years I was introduced to the mind/body connection. Essentially, it's a holistic approach that implies that your body manifests what your mind & emotions are storing as information and your mind stores this information in your body's tissues & organs. I brought all this up to say that the Raindrop therapy includes true "aroma-therapy" which is a “brain cognitive therapy” it’s not just a smelling good thing…it can transform your thoughts and emotions with regular, systematic treatments.


A series of Raindrop treatments are recommended to achieve the highest results.  Raindrop is effective with onset of flu or illness symptoms, there's something about clearing the toxins from your bodies tissues and nourishing lethargic cells & organs to create physical + emotional healing and mental clarity.  


The Raindrop uses a series of seven different single oils like basil, oregano, and peppermint, as well as oil blends, first on the feet connecting the reflexology points for the spine, then massaged along the spine. It has been said that the spine contains the life force of the body, and holds every nerve that transmits information to EVERY organ in your body…including your heart! It is a superhighway of information for your body. A great reason to take good care of your spine and why these therapeutic medicinal grade, high quality essential oils are applied to the spine. The ancient Indian ritual used in the Raindrop is implemented in the way the oils are applied, it’s called feathering, and creates a nice sensation along the spine. Although everyone experiences the Raindrop differently, it's not unheard of to feel a heating sensation which can be cooled by the therapist.

In the hands of gifted therapists a Raindrop can help you through some of life’s biggest struggles elegantly, like divorce, or even death of a loved one.  There is no limit to how this therapy can support your health journey.

* The Bliss Chakra Spa Raindrop Therapy is performed with the highest quality medicinal oils and performed by our highly trained and certified Raindrop Therapists. If having the Raindrop performed by an alternative practitioner not affiliated with Bliss Chakra Spa please be advised that there are inherent risks with having this therapy performed without the advanced knowledge in working with essential oils.