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June 19th Re-Opening and new protocols!!!!!!!!!

June 19th Re-Opening and new protocols!!!!!!!!!

We are so excited to return back to our healing services. We hope you all have been staying healthy. Please call to book your next appointments. Our booking email will have details of our new policies regarding Covid 19 guidelines. We have new exciting news! Crystal Cordell is working on her Masters degree in Maharishi Ayurveda and integrated medicine. We believe this method of Ayurveda will greatly benefit all health needs with informative and therapeutic sessions available to our clients this next season.

Stay Well

Peace and Love

Bliss Chakra Spa family  


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Gift Cards Available For The Hollidays!!!!

Gift Cards Available For The Hollidays!!!!

You can purchase our beautiful gift card that comes with an added personal touch. We can ship them to you or the recipient. You can also pick one up at our spa in Palm Desert.
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Papa & Barkley Promo Dec 8th-15th!!!!!! CBD Balm

Papa & Barkley Promo Dec 8th-15th!!!!!! CBD Balm

We are proud to announce this promo to you all starting Dec. 8th - Dec. 15th. You can add Papa & Barkley CBD Balm to any massage courtesy of Papa & Barkley at no extra charge. If you love it and would like to purchase a jar of your own we now carry Papa & Barkley's CBD line and would love to show you everything they have to offer.
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SEPTEMBER - We have some new dates for our sound bath and a new Zen Package

Hello Everyone! We are excited about our new professionally designed logo to make it easier to spot us and we are excited to announce our new Zen Package. The Zen Package is a 30 min sound healing followed by a 30 min Shirodhara 3rd eye oil treatment. This package is sure to rejuvenate and set you into a state of bliss. Book now!! We would also like to add that we are adding a Labor Day Weekend Sound Bath at Gather in La Quinta on Sept 1st Sunday at 5pm and then our monthly sound bath at Gather on the 8th. All sign up links are in our sound bath calendar. Its a good idea to reserve your spot as soon as possible. This event sells out quick!! Peace, happiness, and good health.

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The new El Paseo, Palm Desert location is now open!

New spa menu includes many new luxurious services including EPICUREN facials, massages.

Sound Healing, Reiki, and Foot bath rituals in copper foot baths, which will be available starting 

March 21st, 2017

Call to book your appointments now!




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Gratitude: A recipe for Manifesting Intention


Rock - Gratitude: A recipe for Manifesting Intention


As Tumeric and Mango are super-foods, gratitude could be considerd as the super-emotion. It not only increases happiness by 10% but it also reduces depressive symptoms by 35%. Showing gratitude is the simplest, most powerful things humans can do for eachother. 


"If the only prayer you say is thank you, that would be enough". - Eckhart

The Gratitude & Happiness Link:

Putting Eckhart's advice to action, the first step in sharing gratitude is as simple as saying "Thank You". My practice of giving thanks starts with family, they have always believed in me and given me the freedom to be the best me I can be. Even sharing this sentiment feels so happy!

Upon waking, it's customary for Native Americans to say "thank you for this day", no matter what kind of day it is, "thank you for this life", no matter what kind of life it is, and "thank you for this water, because without it I would not have life". According to a 2005 article in American Psychologist publication, "A one-time act of thoughtful gratitude produces an immediate 10% increase in happiness and 35% reduction in depressive symptoms. Not only are the positive effects of gratitude immediate but according to the research they are long lasting.

Gratitude is a Relationship Strengthener:

The act of sharing creates closer relationships. At home, work, with friends, family, neighbors, pets, significant others, we maintain relationships and above all else with a spiritual or higher being. One study from Kubacka dated June 2011, found that "gratitude motivates partners to engage in relationship maintenence". Next time you see a good friend, make an effort to give thanks for your frienship. This act is so easily overlooked and will strenthen the bond between you.

Wellness Increases with Gratitude:

Research at the HESA is focused on innovative products, pathways and techniques that transform human health, energy, nutrition and longevity. HESA research confirms that gratitude is necessary for optimum health. Patients recovering from heart related illnesses who expressed gratitude for their care on a regular basis experienced significantly shorter recovery times.

Gratitude Encourages Pro-Social Behavior:

Demonstrating gratitude daily - whether in a work situation, in an email to a client or stranger at the market, you are consciously promoting pro-social behavior: voluntary acts intended to benefit another. In doing so, you are bringing yourself more joy and radiating happiness into the world. Write a "Thank You" note and see how uplifting it feels! When we give love and share our love with all, we feel elevated. Love is everything, it's everywhere and it's the universal language.

The next step towards the final stage of setting intention is to practice the presence. Be present in the moment, be present in your life. Slow down, notice nature, a dragonfly, an act of gratitude. Upon waking, give thanks! Feel it, experience it now, you are alive!

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